Hey there, I'm  Kayla


The facts...

With me, you’re not just getting a designer. You’re getting someone with the chops to build something tried-and-true—no nonsense allowed.

I’ve worked in all forms of marketing. Whether it’s content strategy, SEO, PPC, design or web development. I’ve done it all.
I thrive on getting my hands dirty and navigating the demanding aspects that lead to triumph.

Since 2021, Outback Digital has:

  • Engaged in straightforward conversations with clients to guide them in choosing the right services.
  • Journeyed into remote, non-cellular areas to connect with valued clients over a chat and a cuppa.
  • Given our clients a voice with a newly established website that has reached thousands of customers.

How It Started VS How it's going

2016 - Where it began

I began my university degree in communications and digital media, where I learned how to create WordPress websites and approach all of my communication and digital marketing work with a strategic approach.

2017 - Passion in Connecting Communities

When I wasn’t studying, I started creating content and developed an online community for people suffering from conditions such as Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and PCOS. This is where my entrepreneurial spirit for creating online communities began.


I worked hard on The Uterus Project’s online community while pursuing my university degree. In 2018, after careful creation and meticulous strategy, I launched one of Australia’s first online platforms for people with uterine-related illnesses. The Uterus Project was home to emergency medical cards, organic pain-relieving products and a support network where people could promote awareness. Understanding what people responded to became my bread and butter! I focused on web design that converted traffic to loyal leads.


I was working in the big smoke in agency life, surrounded by incredible business strategists, designers and copywriters. I was constantly in awe of the team I worked with and how talented everyone was. The work that I was involved with consisted of not-for-profits, foundations and big-name commercial brands. I learned how to become an excellent advertiser. No matter the job, I was always working on websites!

2021 - The Launch of Outback Digital

I started the journey back home, a 13-hour drive in my old barina. Frustrated with the lack of opportunity in the bush for my profession, the idea of launching my business was brewed over a hot cup of Bellas Cafe coffee. With the grit of rural Australia, my resilience was born. After some research into the country market, it became alarming how many business owners often sought assistance from city agencies who did not have the insight or ability to provide face-to-face client management.

2021 - 6 months in!

The first 6 months of business were extremely challenging. I wasn’t just responsible for developing work for my clients but for keeping the business moving forward and doing all the necessary behind-the-scenes work to keep things running smoothly. I take my hat off to anyone in this position!

2022 - 1 year in!

We hit one year in business! So many late nights and espresso shots were in the first year of business. The hard work was worth it, and the feeling of accomplishment when I finally created a sustainable business was overwhelming. 

2023 - 2 years and thriving!

We hit 2 years in business, and it was thriving! I have worked with over 50 clients in every state of Australia!